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We challenge conventional building methods and processes to provide unequalled perspective, achieving break through outcomes.

Let Vebo Group show you how you can deliver your project to a new international standard with no surprises. With results going beyond the individual project and stretching into the wider fabric of your organisation.

Vebo Group facilitates your business goals to achieve exceptional building project performance and results. Leaving you with more time and energy to get on with growing your business.

Our team of building professionals close the loop with clients, architects and designers to consistently deliver commercial outcomes, focussing on sustainable innovation and lean processes for project delivery – everyone loves a clean and healthy environment – and you simply want better results!

Unless changes are initiated by the client, there will be no cost surprises – this is our commitment to you.

Our clients are eager to engage in transparent and concise dialogue with a building partner knowing that their needs are going to be met.

Therefore, clients engage in a combination of traditional and advanced platforms, tailored to their business circumstances. We pride ourselves on remaining relevant and have developed a breadth of options for our clients to access our specialised services.

Fit Out (Structural and Non Structural)

Vebo Group has supported and delivered hundreds of projects across a range of sectors, from healthcare and dentistry to tourism and retail, in metropolitan and regional Australia.

Our fit out portfolio is diverse, ranging from a major structural fit out of Australia’s largest NIB Dentalcare centre in Pitt Street Sydney and national role out of Pacific Smiles Dental care centres in both metropolitan and rural locations, to a boutique fitout for 303 Group advertising agency in Sydney.

New Construction

Rest assured knowing that our personnel and our financial resources allow us to confidently undertake any construction project up to $10 million.

An area of renewed focus, your project is astutely planned and tightly managed. We are excited of the prospect of taking the next step and will be working very hard to earn the trust of its clients in this discipline.

We continually provide a different level of communication and tightly managed processes to ensure projects are delivered above our clients’ expectations.

Design and Construct

Collaborating with leading Architects and Designers from concept to provide a balance between the creative need and build-ability.

Traditional construction methods and materials are challenged with a focus on sustainable design. We’re tired of taking away, so we try to add more to our buildings in a way that is cost effective and efficient to build, promotes sustainable use of materials whilst providing an enhanced experience for the building occupants.

We understand the critical nature of design to achieve best outcome. We will always respect the importance of spaces to our clients plus the work of architects, designers and other connected parties in creating your concept.

Attention to detail is a strength of Vebo Group and we love great design; we have an Excellence in Construction Award to prove it.


We consider ourselves to be specialists in Dental Clinic construction.

We have built relationships with some of Australia’s largest healthcare companies and providers, successfully completing major projects in complex environments across Australia.

Effective communication and technical understanding is critical to any project. Our vision is to continue as a major contributor to this niche sector where only the best builders have sustained success.

Live site

You can keep trading while we are building or renovating your premises. Vebo Group has experience and success in working on ‘live sites’ such as Pacific Smiles Dental centre’s in Gladesville and Nowra.

These are sites that are required to remain in normal business operation during construction works. Our personnel and management system allows us to professionally manage risk, minimise disruption and deliver positive outcomes while you get on with your business.


What you can expect when working with Vebo Group is a clear understanding that our business is built on the best outcomes for you.

We have been engaged to complete many substantial refurbishment projects, including extensive refurbishment of Holiday Inn, Darling Harbour, incorporating ground floor reception, lift lobby, bistro, bar, gaming, kitchen and dining area.

For all new project opportunities please contact Peter Buruma, Vebo Group founder.

Telephone: 1300 808 326